Guestbook for Eva McDermott Photography
good photos. Represents how nature is a part of our life.
84.Bruce Lovelace(non-registered)
Eva, Thanks you for sharing your images. I am also a Jersey person, a bit south of where you are from. I've been making a living with portraits through most of my shooting years so far, but your photos are helping to guide me in a new direction.

I was in Maine (Acadia)in September on a photo shoot and am bummed I missed your print exhibit in Southport. This September's trip will be to NH. I recently joined NPN too.

Keep up your inspirational work!
The very first word that came from my mouth after scrolling through your photographs was a big ‘wow’. I was so taken away by the beauty of each frame. Is it really possible to click photos of this kind?
77.Nancy de Flon(non-registered)
I visited your Southport Library Show Gallery from the NPN website. Thanks so much for sharing! These are stunning images, all of them. I hope you have very few of them to take home at the end of the show because enough people loved them and wanted to buy.
76.Arlie Falto(non-registered)
nice pics dude..