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Don Cass(non-registered)
Enjoying your photos very much and it's so good to see all these images that are realistic and not over processed, like so many are nowadays
good photos. Represents how nature is a part of our life.
Bruce Lovelace(non-registered)
Eva, Thanks you for sharing your images. I am also a Jersey person, a bit south of where you are from. I've been making a living with portraits through most of my shooting years so far, but your photos are helping to guide me in a new direction.

I was in Maine (Acadia)in September on a photo shoot and am bummed I missed your print exhibit in Southport. This September's trip will be to NH. I recently joined NPN too.

Keep up your inspirational work!
Nancy de Flon(non-registered)
I visited your Southport Library Show Gallery from the NPN website. Thanks so much for sharing! These are stunning images, all of them. I hope you have very few of them to take home at the end of the show because enough people loved them and wanted to buy.
Heidi Mover(non-registered)
Breathtaking, especially the slideshow of Scotland. The soundtrack is perfect for the images and I found myself transported thru time and space so completely I could virtually feel the moist air on my face.
Bill Martheleur(non-registered)
Great photos. I especially enjoy your works in the Inverness Beach area as I too am from Cape Breton and live in Sydney. I have just discovered the Nature Photographers Online Magazine. The photos there are very inspirational.
Ann (Barcelona, Spain)(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs. I came across your art while looking for pictures of stones (I am a stone painter) and when I saw yours I had goose pimples all over...
Jeri Headrick(non-registered)
Wow - much talent - fantastic eye.
Thanks for sharing. We will be visiting this fall - can't wait.
Thanks so much for sharing.
Linda Dahlhauser(non-registered)
I was fortunate to have family in Inverness that I got to visit for 7 summers in the 60’s. That was the most memorable time in my childhood. Due to my mom’s illness the last time I spent the summer in Inverness was 1969. In 2007 my sister was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer and we made a promise that we would make the road trip from Boston to Inverness just as our mother did so many summers, so many years ago. We did make that trip in August of 2009. The feeling of peace and contentment was amazing. A town that city kids had the ability to run free from sun up to sun down was virtually the same 40 years later. A town with the most amazing view of heaven on earth. Every one of your pictures are just incredible. We lost our sister in 2012 but we will always have memories of Inverness as children and memories of Inverness as adults.
Steve Frank(non-registered)
your mind and eyes have 'the gift'. thank you for sharing it.
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